Friday, August 19, 2011

Started with 57,and now 24 Left As of Last Update...How Many of You Will FINISH the Slimmer This Summer Challenge?

Week 1, there were 57 challengers starting all fresh and energized. Here's the roster on day one: Slimmer This Summer Begins

Now, with only 2 weigh-ins to go, this weekend/Monday and August 28, only 9 days left,  we have 24 fighting on and checking in--including Deb, our leader. (Some might still be in the challenge, but just forgot to update for whatever reason, but 23 checked into the linky plus Deb's post with the linky, for 24 who officially checked in for the last update.)

Here's the update roster for last weekend: Slimmer This Summer Week 11

Thank you to those couple dozen still hanging in, whether doing well or not so well or awful. Thank you for NOT GIVING UP, NOT QUITTING, which was one of the rules of the challenge. Just hang in!

That's more than half who GAVE UP on the challenge.

This is expected. I expected it, though I hoped otherwise. I hoped no one would quit even if they did not meet all their goals, did not have great weigh-ins, did not feel motivated. Just hang in there and be accountable. But that's par for the course. Ask Allan how many quit right in the middle of a phase. Or early in a phase. It's how it goes. People start all flush with desire to change...and that fizzles. Life gets in the way. Stress hits.

We had a death in my family. I didn't quit.
Some of us have major health issues, but didn't quit.
Some of us have trouble with the summer heat and exercise. But don't quit.
Some have new jobs, no jobs, vacations, children acting up...and don't quit.

Thank you for hanging in there to all these folks:

1. DebK  9. Dieting4Disney  17. Beyond My Looking Glass  
2. Jo @ A Well Kept Life  10. Empty Nest  18. Mir aka Princess Dieter  
3. sarah  11. Julie  19. sugar  
4. The Voices Within Unleashed  12. Angela Pea  20. Karen@Turn My Life Around  
5. Michele  13. Laryssa @ Magic Garden  21. Natasha @ My Journey to a Better Life  
6. Brandi  14. Miss April  22. Stormy@BigButtTheory  
7. Vicki M.  15. JoBee  23. MB  
8. A Hippo With A Headband  16. Amber Overcoming  

And if you didn't update, but you haven't given up...get back in the game. Only 9 days to go. Let's make it a good 9 days, 9 days to feel satisfaction about. Remember to link up this Sunday/Monday with Deb at her blog post for the challenge.

Let's make it a soundly accountable 9 days. Let's finish strong, no matter the ups and down. Let's finish this together....because completing a challenge makes you part of a minority. Every challenge I've been in has had oodles of drop-outs. Stay in and feel proud about it.

Persevering, even in the face of setbacks and adversity--that's what lifelong weight maintenance will be. Not quitting. Getting back on the horse when falls occur. Maintaining motivation, or fighting to get it back when it lags. Struggling. Breezing through. Struggling again. Falling. Getting up. Forging habits. Finding your groove. Holding on. That's what a lifelong weight loss success story is like. You've seen the successful maintainers blog about it. You don't win if you give up. Giving up is the only failure.

Don't quit. Keep going. Be strong.

Be well...


Food Freak said...

You're such a good motivator (as is Allan), you make me want to join in. What you write is so true, too. We'll never do it perfectly. Maintaining means a willingness to catch things before they get out of hand and take care of the problem, not be perfect. You're the right person to deliver the message, Princess, because you walk the walk.

I'm proud of you, and the way you look in that bathing suit!

Anne H said...

Never never never never never give up!
Just maybe regroup!

Jo said...

We're not quitters. We're not always 100%, but we're definitely not quitters. Onward!

Miss April said...

9 days? That's crazy!! I remember when I entered this, I thought... 'I hope I don't quit like I always do, 12 weeks is a LONG time'. I had already been working on the weight loss and this was a new blog for me, so it was a great way to get my blog going. Now it's just part of my routine, updating and posting within the challenge. I actually will feel strange once it's not there! Thank you for helping organize it, help motivate all of us and just being an awesome person. You're a doll!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Great job to the people who stayed in. It takes some perseverance to adhere to a plan or see a goal through to the end. I admire that.

beerab said...

I saw your response on Lyn's blog- it really spoke to me :) (The one about goals of only a few pounds at a time and not pushing yourself to lose 2 pounds a week). I'm trying to follow that now.

Julie said...

AMEN!!! Have a blessed week Mir. said...

Wow....12 weeks already!

Hope you're breathing better soon. We're about to start into ragweed season here, so I need to go visit the allergist and get stocked up on meds and inhalers. Assuming, of course, that the ragweed has survived this summer's drought and the 57+ days of 103+ temperatures. Brutal, but there are still random weeds out there that are green and thriving.

Anne H said...

Hey PD -
Stay safe and strong for Irene!
Thinking of you!

EmptyNester said...

Quit? What's that? LOL No way I'm going to quit! This challenge has made all the difference for me!

Michele said...

Yeah, me, too. No way I am going to quit. Thanks for his post. It is easier to quit than continue on but this is for life!!

MB said...

I may not be making progress on the scale but I'm still fighting and learning lessons. I hope you start breathing easier soon. Here's to finishing strong! Cheers!