Friday, January 6, 2012

Making bits of progress, linky for E2E is up, and one of the world's most healthful foods...but I ain't gonna eat it, sorry! And happy Feast of the Epiphany!!

Tanita-san: 180.4  
Challenge start 12/31: 183

The linky tool for the E2E is up now. If you updated early, please go add your url. If your buddy is indisposed/out of town/etc, make sure to enter their url/name/email for them, if they need you to do this. :D

Anyone whose a manga/anime otaku like me knows about natto. It's sticky!!!  (Truly, it's hilarious when they show uber-sticky natto in manga, gooey strings of the stuff from bowl to chopsticks and, in gag manga,  way beyond!)  Behold, GINTAMA's Gintoki (a comedic samurai) is natto-gooed in the pic above.

I also know about it also from reading about its health benefits. I actually take a supplement that derives its cardiovascular health supplementy goodness to nattokinase.

But even thinking about eating it gives me goosebumps. Here, take a look. (I'd add it to the post, but Blogger is being annoying and won't let me. It's been glitchy for months now. Blogger, what is your defect!)

I think all that stirring likely burns some calories, though. 100 times? Yeah, gotta burn some.

Who knows? I might like it. I don't like the slimy LOOK of it, but might like the taste. I love cheese, after all, even stinky ones like blue cheese and gorgonzola and aged parmesan.

And one day I might be brave enough to give it a go. We have places here in Miami that offer the stinky stuff up for your enjoyment.

This is like the opposite of my situation with omega-3 rich fish. I'd love to eat it. I can't. (severe seafood allergy, to fish and shellfish) UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there some super-healthful food you refuse to eat? Why? Smell? Appearance? Taste? Is there any you can't eat, like me and fish?

Let me know.

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany, the day afater the 12th day of Christmas or Twelfth Night.  As a kid, I got a present under my bed on this feast day. I left straw and water for the magi's camels on 12th Night, and they left me a...well, a Bugs Bunny guitar one feast day in the 60's. :D I loved that bunny guitar!

Have an epiphany of your own in 2012 to help your health. Read your book(s) and blogs and articles and magazines and think, meditate, ponder. Self-introspect, then look around. Find the star that leads you on...The revelation will come...just as it did for the Magi. But you have to seek it across all sorts of terrains....keep going!

Happy Friday. Be well...

NOTE: If you are a successful maintainer after losing a lot of weight, please add your blog url to my previous post. I really want folks to have your blog as a resource. Of if you have a book, a webpage, a facebook page, knock yourself out. Put it in a comment in the PREVIOUS post, thanks.


Caron said...

Wow, that was an interesting video. I guess it's what you grow up with because even though I love okra and it can be super slimy, that looked worse.I like most everything to eat that I've tried except beets and anchovies. :)

Jo said...

Sorry, but I'm overly sensitive to the f-words: feast and food. I'm hoping it will pass in a day or two. ;-)

Julie said...

I eat most anything except salmon, peas and soy (though that's because it's never been fixed a way that tastes goods but people do say you can fix it good). I'm pretty sure I wouldn't eat anything like that stuff though, nasty looking.
I think like Caron said if you grew up with it you probably didn't know it was gross. Oh I don't eat lutefisk either, YUCK!!! And I'm from the lutefisk kingdom.
Take care Mir, blessings my friend!!

Bluezy said...

I would have to taste it.
Julie...peas in a seven layer salad are a must for me. Both my daughters won't eat peas. I love the snow peas in oriental cuisine...What the heck is lutefish. Never had it. Had sturgeon, like sturgeon. It is like the pork of the water. Like cheese. Like all kinds of cheese. Never tried Limburger. Willing to try it. Blue cheese and Roquefort are a fave.

My typing is like that chipmunk that talks fast. LOL

I saw an anime pic and my eyes zipped right to it and thought..probably Princess Dieter? Yeah. I love that anime hair. It must be fun to do anime cosplay.

upinthecosmos said...

I think the Natto looks like it would be good but it doesn't sound like it would be.... LOL! It reminds me of a sweet, sticky, taffy like candy so I'd expect it to be sweet and tasty. I suppose I'd know from the smell however that it's not gonna taste that way but it still looks rather interesting:-) I have seen them eat it in anime and it is quite funny!

Candy kankles said...

You look great!!! E2E sounds wonderful and I love the logo good luck!!!

lv2 said...

I tried the stuff while in Japan.....the dad in the family liked it and I tried everything they put in front or offered me except bread. The kids in the family laughed at me for being willing to try it and told me that they wouldn't eat it. That done i would pass on it in the future unless it would be rude. I will say that there were a few things that i just had to swallow down staying with a traditional family for a week...but not much.....I lv to eat and try things but some of the others on the trip kept not trying things....i figured why go if I didn't.