Wednesday, January 4, 2012

E2E Challenge, Week One: Midweek Update and pics of the American Food Obessions vs My Brekkie

Starting weight: 183.0
Today, Tanita-san: 181.4

I'm guessing it's way lower than I expected or it would be normally at this stage cause I weighed in late in the day : 5pm.

I've been sleeping a lot and feeling a might lethargic. Made an appointment to see the endocrinologist (soonest available, Feb 3). I'm having some slight chills, some eye/facial "masky"  puffiness, a bit of hair loss, and with the extra sleep, it adds up to symptoms of my thyroid maybe being wacky. Maybe. Could be something else that will sort out.

We'll see in a month.

Hubby and I enjoyed out days together for the holiday, which ended yesterday when he went back to work. Boohoo.

Back to normal life.

I walked my 30 minutes yesterday. It was chilly and I had two tops and a quilted vest and put on my biking gloves (no bike, but got the gloves in hopes) to keep the fingers a bit protected. Beautiful afternoon for a walk. I plan to walk after I have breakfast (yeah, at 5pm, hahahah). I'm not feeling peppy, but walk I must. I'd rather sit and read a nice romantic manga or finish up my urban fantasy novel.

I get annoyed when I get junk mail from the USPS these days. In the past, I'd often snip/clip the restaurant coupons. But do I get ones for healthy eateries? No. This is what was in the mail:

Dunkin Donuts, Burker King, Arby's, and Popeye's
peddling junk food to me..and ProActiv to take
care of the zits that would result, I guess.
Mail as a marker of the American food obsessions...

 But what I'm gonna eat is this:

2 pasteured organic eggs, fried in 2 tsp Ghee with
2 cups wilted spinach and 1/4 cup 2% cheddar under them.
3 slices Canadian Bacon; fresh papayas with lime juice.
freshly made iced green tea and fresh brewed coffee.
Multivitamin and supplements to follow.:D
2 cups of water preceded all this. Keeping hydrated!

So, that's the continuing plan. Reject the food environment "out there", create my own food environment. Part of that is picking up my organic coop share today at 7pm. In time to enjoy with dinner's chicken breasts. The share this week includes daikon radish. I"ve eaten this--at Japanese restaurants--but never had to cook it myself. A mini-veggie-adventure, I guess. Looking forward to the Concorde pears (myf ave!) and the organic blueberries (which I adore with Fage 2% yogurt and freshly cracked organic walnuts, which I still have some from last week's share.)

Okay, we go on. And here are my challenge quotes, to keep me focused. Remember to add your quotes when you do your two weekly challenge updates, fellow challengers. Be well...

"The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term is the indispensable prerequisite for success."
--Maxwell Maltz

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.   ~~Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) 


Betty said...

I love that last verse. It´s so reassuring to me and full of promise.
And I think your breakfast looks really delicious. Even more so because it´s so healthy!!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Your breakfast looks amazing, Princess. Good for you for getting the walking in even when you don't feel like it. I hope I can soon learn to take a page from your book and follow your example. You are doing great! Hang in there!

Jo said...

Your breakfast looks delicious and is so beautifully presented, too. I hope you find out what's got you under the weather. Not nice to feel bad in the dead of winter.

Mbar said...

Just found your blog. Well done on losing the weight.

Love the quotes above^

I have just started trying to get back into shape.

Anyway good luck for 2012

Bluezy said...

Breakfast looks good! I noticed the fluctuation in the regular egg prices. Going shopping in about 30 mins I will be looking around for how different the primal type food is compared to the everday stuff. On a good day, economics wise, if we buy more of it, then the prices will go down, right? Certain foods fluctuate like that of course, but I am going to pay better attention these days.

I like how your plate is as near as paleo as can be, right?

Princess Dieter said...

Naw, I have processed meat (canadian bacon) and dairy (lowfat cheddar) and I use ghee, not coconot oil here. Paleo/Primal folks would say ditch the dairy, ditch the sucralose in my coffee, stay away from processed meat, ideally. BUT...I do try to get close to it. When I do my veggie omelettes, it's more Primal...cause there's just the eggs, veggies, cooking fat. Once I add the cheese or ham or other breakfast processed meat, it's not Paleo/primal. satisfies me, and it's the compromise I make. Yeah, yeah...imperfection is my middle name. :D

Princess Dieter said...

Oh, and pasteured organic eggs are crazy butt expensive. I get a shudder when I go to Whole Foods and its time to pay. Oh, my stars! I joined the coop to get more local stuff, and to get a price break, but yeah, organic/humane/pasteured...equals "empty your wallet, ma'am". hahahahh

I am aiming to make this the year of simplifying, budgeting better, and figuring out how to make organic/human/pasteured more affordable. It's a challenge, I can tell you.

safire said...

Love your idea of creating your own "food environment!" I do the same thing but I've never named it.

Happy New Year! Good luck with your goals and I hope you have a wonderful healthy year!

lv2 said...

Your breakfast looks good and filling. I lv what you get from your coop....I try to buy at our local farmers market in the's small and more expensive but unwaxed cukes and fresh not weeks stored veggies are worth it.

Nanette said...

mmm... your breakfast looks delicious. I'm going to have to cook eggs tomorrow. :) I get that same pile of crap in my mailbox too... So I started putting my recycle bin by the mailbox so I can make a direct deposit when I get all that JUNK.

Chinagirl said...

Make your own sausage, would my husband say. And your own cheese. :-)
We can not get good ham or sausage here unfortunately. And because we have muslim friends, we can not eat pork at home. But we enjoy the imported cheese!

Anne H said...

Forget what those cave men types say...
We know that in the real world, it's choices...
Not eating to be "perfect."

Anonymous said...

Good post, as usual. I live in Podunk, so there are no flyers for fast food joints because the nearest city with those establishments are at least 50 miles away. I remember being in grad school and when I received those coupons, I would be so happy because I could get a 2-for-1 Whopper with my tiny (practically non-existant) income.

I hadn't eaten at a fast food joint in about 16 months and I found myself at a McD's drive through ordering a 'Mcdouble' for a buck. I had one bite and thought it was repulsive, I threw it out the window while driving down the highway. Changing, learning, becoming stronger... The journey just continues.

I am very jealous of your food coop, that is a big disadvantge of Podunk. There aren't many options here. The produce at the local grocery store is a gamble, the prices are ridiculous and it's not the organic stuff.

The quotes? Fabulous. Copied, pasted and added to a collection I keep on my Motivation Board. :) Thanks!

Jordan said...

I love, love, love Yoni Freedhoff's philosophy. The best approach is one that you can joyfully maintain forever. I'm weaning myself off one approach vs another one and will land somewhere in the middle, with breakfasts like yours - that are healthy above all, no matter the nutrient content - and delish!