Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ready for Summer Challenge Update #6: A mostly FAIL week...

Tanita-san: 179.8
Last week: 178.8

Up a pound.

And I am in this weird sort of floaty, unfocused, demotivated mindset. I didn't do a single cardio workout. I did my 2x trainer workouts (but I know if I hadn't had these appointments, I'd likely have done squat.)

I've been spending a lot of introspection time and a lot of time decluttering (which made my allergies surge up due to dusts). I threw out 5 bags of assorted old papers, magazines, expired hygiene items, threadbare washtowels, clothes (unwearable).

It's like as one project is moving on, my brain can't focus on keeping me diet and exercise motivated completely. I ate out more (salty, fattier than at home), and that is reflected in the gain. Well, plus NOT moving as much.

I have nothing really helpful to offer except that when we don't put the effort in, the results suck.

Also, I'm about ready to call in the maintenance phase. I'm tired this week, so tired, of looking at this out-of-reach number month after month and not getting there. I'm not willing to live on any significant change in calories. I'm not willing to ratchet up the exercise (although I need to go back to my steady level, and that will take effort right now). I need maybe to say, "Okay, accept that this is where you'll be."

I'm THIS close to just saying that. Really.

But I worry it's the demotivated me talking, not the rational me.

This week: I'm setting minimal goals. JUST DO NOT GAIN MORE and find a way out of the blahs.

I wish I were peppier and more encouraging, but right now, I'm stuck in a rut in the road and don't feel the energy to jump out of it.

But I'm not quitting. And I will find the wherewithal to move again...

God bless. Be well...


Jo said...

Mir, maybe your body is not ready to go lower yet. Maintaining for a couple of months, or forever, will not be the end of the world. I know you set a 2 year deadline on getting to your goal weight, but it may have been the wrong time frame. Or the wrong goal number. And if your head is not in the game, of course you will not do as well.

But if it is the demotivated Mir talking, then the rational Mir will be back and your focus can resume. Just relax and give whatever it is some time to run its course. But make yourself a firm rule that you will not gain during this time. Because I can tell you, it is hard. Really hard to maintain. And then you have a little bump in the road and before you know it, five more pounds, then eight, then ten.

So...cut yourself some slack and DO NOT GAIN. You are wise enough to do whatever it takes to bring yourself around to where you left off. {{hugs}}

Anonymous said...

Awwww, Princess, it's hard when that happens. Hugs, girlfriend. Take a deep, dust-free, breath and enjoy a peaceful interlude in the "I need to get to goal" march. :)


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Hang in there, Princess. I know how you are feeling. At least you are making an effort. I seem to be incapable of even the smallest thing right now. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs. :)

Karen said...

Hang in there. Is the doc still adjusting your dose of thyroid Meds? You look great btw. That is something. That is fabulous.

Take care. Onward. Karen P

Alana Jo said...

Sorry it wasn't an ideal week. But look on the bright side, your house is clean, right? Now pull yourself up by your boot straps and have a fantastic week 7!

Laryssa said...

Sorry to hear you're having one of 'those' weeks. You've acknowledged that you're not putting in the full effort. I think your brain really is tired. Maybe, as you said, it's time you focus on staying where you're at rather, maintain for a bit, give your brain a break and then maybe you'll see things start moving in the right direction.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13)

Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

I pray you find peace with whatever decision you chose. I think you look marvelous by the way.

Nanette said...

I do not envy the feelings you're having today and this ongoing struggle to get down to that goal weight. Just be careful. You are a smart woman and determined... use that to prevent gain.

PlumPetals said...

I'm sure you have it in you to get through this funk. Be patient with yourself but keep striving to move forward.

Maren said...

This sounds like a struggle, but you know, you don't have to make this decision right now. You can maintain for a while, and if you feel like you haven't reached goal .. then you know what to do. :)

Woodey said...


I know what its like to feel frustrated or stuck in a rut when it comes to all things life, especially weight loss.

After quitting LC I spent about a month dealing with depression. A year ago I was sure that LC was going to solve all of my health issues and get me down to the weight I want to be at, didn't happen. I felt sad and hopeless. One thing I did was stick to my guns and walk almost everyday as well as keep my calories down. As a result I have lost some weight and it helped me swing out of my sadness.

I'm hoping to make this summer a fun one and thought of ways to help me keep focused. In honor of the Olympics this summer I decided to exercise and diet like I was training for an event. Its not hardcore or anything, but it will help me stay focused and dedicated. Besides it will let me eat a little extra when the Olympics start and I make my home grown peppers and tomatoes salsa. :)

Good luck to you.

the Wood