Monday, May 28, 2012

Vampire hours and lowest weight on journey....and remembering the ones who gave all...

Today, the lowest I've been on this weight loss journey: 177.2

I had seen that number briefly, one day, back in December, as part of this weird little maintaining thing that I seem to be stuck in (not wholly negative, I'll add). It's nice to see it again. It's not nice to see it when I'm depressed, so I didn't feel anything overly happy. It's just..nice.

It'll be nicer if it's not--again-- the lower boundary of a maintenance cycle, and nice if I don't see it go back up and up.

What will be REALLY nice is if I see 177.0 and lower, and that shows some sort of actual non-maintenance progress.

In the "This Sucks, Buffy!" department: I'm sleeping the worst schedule. I'm in bed at 7 in the morning, up at 4pm. But hey, that was earlier today than getting up at 5pm. My weekend just slipped off without me. A wasted day off for hubby, as I can't get the mojo to shower or dress or do anything. I just am a limp rag here. On Vampire schedule. It's really tough to get out of this sleep pattern, but I always have to get out of it to function; and it stresses the body to switch....argh. Had to cancel today's Pilates. Could not be  awake at 1pm.

To end on a positive: I have controlled my calories for the last two days, even though I want to eat everything I see in commercials. Add that to the "nice" category. :)

One more nice thing: the initial bounties of "summer fruit". I love fruit. I've been eating lots since I began dieting. I tried to control it a bit more when pre-diabetic, but when summer comes, sorry, I go all fruit-mad. :D The peaches from my oganic coop have been lovely lovely lovely! The strawberries have been astounding. I got watermelon, and am cutting it today. I can't wait for the various peaches and plums to start rolling in. The cherries, sadly, are not yet great.

And today, I'm thinking about and grateful for those who are brave enough to take on the risks of defending this wonderful country. I live my life in freedom cause others have put on uniforms and some, many, have died. And this is not something to take lightly. God bless and comfort the families who have suffered losses. Thank you, all who have sacrificed.


Beth@WeightMaven said...
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Beth@WeightMaven said...

Do you read SuppVersity? I think this is a really interesting post re different strategies at different points in ones weight loss efforts.

Hard to say for sure, but I'd bet you are in the category where weight is not the best measurement for tracking progress. Ned Kock had a post on gaining muscle and losing fat that might also be worth checking out.

Princess Dieter said...

I do read Suppversity. And he's on my blogroll. :D I will check the link. I sometimes miss stuff.

I do think my maintaining is not WHOLLY NEG--cause I never figured I was gonna be "normal weight" via the charts, meaning I'd be 144lbs or less, which I haven't been since ...age 22 was the last time. I run stouter. But I did wanna make the goal of 160. If I don't, life won't suck. :) I do think that improving other factors for quality of life and for health matter more than the scale number. It's a higher priority at age 52 to be WELL and not to be THIN.

If they converge, great. But for me, low numbers are elusive.

Thanks for the link.

Betty WSch. said...

Awe, I wish I could give you a big hug! Hope you get out of that sleep cycle. I know how hard it is, because I see my daughter when she does night shifts and how hard it is on the body. Wishing you well!

Bluezy said...

Hang in there, Mir. You are amazing and you will work it all out. Vampire hours are cooler when the weather is hot hot hot, though. Get out and dance to the moon, you know you wanna! (Howllll!)

PlumPetals said...

Sorry you're still not feeling well. I'm sure the erratic sleep patterns don't help. Hope things fall into place soon. Enjoy your low number on the scale!

AnaVera Morato said...

I know you're not super excited to see that number, but girrrrrl, that is totally my goal weight! Well, maybe not necessarily my goal weight based off of these lists I see everywhere of what I "should" weigh at my height (I'm 5'4"), but when I was at my fittest, 177 is right where I was at. It was super hard for me to get lower than that weight, and at the time, wasn't very pleasing to me.....but now that I'm about 75 pounds above that weight, that number seems absolutely magical:) Congratulations on all your progress. And even though you may not be uber excited to see that lower number, you are ever the inspiration to so many others like me:) (Me that you're an inspiration to, not me that is also an inspiration LOL.) Hope you have a wonderful day!