Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm getting crap results this week, cause I'm like a diet version of the search engine"Bing"? AKA Princess Dieter's Weird Metaphor for the Day

I'm still dietarily screwing up. I'm on a feta and Greek olives streak, and even had two gluten free cookies last night, so today I'm at 182 lbs on the scale. Yes, yes, this is BAD. BAD!

I'm a dork. Yes, yes. I am a dork.

I'm a dork praying like heck and trying to elevate my mood. Part of that has been viewing happy stuff and reading well-written stuff.

Today a particular search engine result just killed my mood.  Here's what happened: I wanted to check in with a blogger I hadn't visited in like, well, more than year at least. I didn't remember the name of the blog. Just that this was a Western gal married to a Japanese guy with two adorable sons and that Noboru was the name of either her son or husband (I forget). So, I searched for "housewife Japan two sons Noboru" to see if the blog would pop up.

BING (which got hijacked into being my default search tool when I downloaded a Veoh player a couple months ago) set me up with a list of filthy links. I mean, the first link TITLE was so gross, I won't even retype it. Let's just say it had to do with incest. (barf) These are links no one in their right mind would click. Seriously.

I then went to my usual preferred browser, Google, and behold. No disgusting list. The first search item is a Wikipedia article referring to a novel by Haruki Murakami, and the rest are literary, obituary, and travel links. No freakasoid-pervo-porno crap.

BING...what is wrong with you? Really, I need to figure out how to remove this from my Firefox toolbar. Sigh. I tried to go back to Google as my default, but obviously I did not try hard enough.

I got lazy.

And this brings me back to ME and MY LESS THAN IDEAL EATING this week. Less than ideal exercising, too. (A repeat of last week). I didn't try hard enough.

I got lazy.

It seems that instead of the wonderful Google version of my "diet engine"--getting the good results-- I'm operating on BING and being rewarded with trash results.

I'm eating carelessly (though thankfully I'm not in binge mode). I'm lazy about exercising. And I'm regaining weight.

I haven't figured out (or tried hard to figure out) how to remove Bing from my Firefox tool bar. I haven't figured out (or even tried hard to do the things to figure out) how to get back to Google verson of Princess Dieter in my diet engine.

Sloth kills. Laziness doesn't offer us rewards that are beneficial.

Or at least makes us see disgusting results we'd rather not.

I gotta get back to being a better, cleaner, tighter, stronger diet engine as my DEFAULT. I need to be Google Princess Dieter again. Well, I'm not alone, but that's small comfort.

And I'm gonna now Google up some more searches to see if I can find that Japanese homemaker's blog. Really cute kids make me smile. :D

Update: Found the blog after adding "vacation Hawaii", as I recalled her posting about that. Kids are still supercute. :D Had forgotten they eat a host of diet-unfriendly foods!


Anonymous said...

Loved the analogy. But, then, I'm an analogy addict. :}

You know, I did something a while back that got me Bing, too. And a similar thing happened. I forget what I typed in--it was truly non-sexual and I was also looking for a blog. I'm thinking I remembered part of the blog title or sub-title and it involved the words fat and girl.

Uh-hmmm. Apparently that's all it took. The gasp I made when I saw my results probably sucked all of the air out of the town, let alone the room. :o

And, like you, I tried Google and got NONE of the offensive/perverted hits. Clearly, Bing has issues.

I ditched the blog search and began a quest to remove Bing from my computer. I had to go into the add/remove thing to ditch it, if I recall correctly.

At any rate, we shall overcome!


Betty WSch. said...

I'm not a fan of Bing either. Luckily with my new laptop it's not on it....yet.
But I hear you on the Bing-diet. I never thought the challenges you did for us helped me so much, but now that I'm struggling on my own, I know it was a huge help. So, I'm just waiting till you do another one, and hoping I won't gain too much til then.

Kelly said...

Oh my, remind me NEVER to use Bing! Ok, so you admit to being a dork and that it's been bad. I truly hope you start becoming Princess Dieter again. I'd like to get to know her more! :-)

Nanette said...

Ummm... Google search has "safe mode." That filters out pornographic stuff. I'm not sure if Bing does. But, you may be able to reset the filter.

Also, what browser are you using? you can reset your homepage BACK to google if you'd like. Google it. They'll tell you exactly how. :)

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I prefer Google too. Never liked Bing and never use it. I'm sorry you came up with all that nasty crap but I'm glad you eventually found the blog you were looking for. Hang in there and surround yourself with positive people. I have found that helps me immensely.

Bluezy said...

OMG I have heard of porn attacks, but never happened to me. I did have a cam and tried a chat room back in 2004 and all these requests came to me so I answered one to see how the process worked and ewwww flasher. I figured all of them were flashers. My older daughter knew it was gonna happen and laughed. It was a general yahoo chat room.

PlumPetals said...

The good thing is that once you've successfully searched and found what you're looking for, you can take the next step. You've identified where you feel like you're slacking - now you can come up with a strategy to pick up the pace and do what needs to be done!