Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ready for Summer Update #7: Well, that was a surprise. A good one. And no, I'm still not on top of my game...

Tanita-san: 178.8
Last week: 179.8

Back down to where I was two weeks ago.

Waist: 34.75 (unchanged)

I had been as high as 182.2 this week . I though I'd show a 3 lb gain in this update.

(Why? Here's why: Lots of salty foods, more carbs than usual--a bowl of oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon on Wednesday, and I hadn't had oatmeal in, sheesh, more than a year maybe? and beans 3x this week, black and navy and pinto/refried--as well as an increase in snacky stuff, like chocolate and gluten-free cookies).

Seriously, my food has been teetering on the verge of head-diving into the pit, teetering...teetering..

I have hardly been on the ball here.

I have had some of my controls in place--no binge, some exercise, moment when I had to say NO, NO hard when I almost called for delivery stuff out of laziness ,but then cooked the pasteured chicken breasts and made low-salt sauce.

But others waivered quite a bit( eg, no walking AT ALL, partly due to the loads of rainstorms, mostly cause I got really slothful and demotivated to do so. Sugar crept back in in chocolate and gf cookies) No gold star here.

Even my fluid intake was waffley--some days great, two days under desired amounts.

I am not proud of myself at all.

I am happy some good habits remained, enough in place not to send me totally into a tailspin of disaster. Good habits can only hold on so long before they fail if not reinforced.

This week, I plan to make a plan for reinforcement. Maybe tape it up to the kithen cupboard. Back to my 3 cups of water before meals. Back to focusing on less starch and curtail snacks. Back to my ONE diet-friendly dessert AFTER DINNER only. BACK TO WALKLING (even if I may have to do some radical rescheduling, since the rainy season seems to have come in and is keeping me in afternoons/early evening, when I normally walked). I'm not a morning person. AT ALL.So, it's either figure out how to MORNING-IZE my walk to do indoor cardio (hate that, really) with DVDs.

Stress is minimized a bit, but it's still simmering.

I've been praying. A LOT. I'd say I've prayed more the last week than in the two months prior. It's intensive. And I intend to keep that up. I've felt less frazzled emotionally doing so.

GOALS: Well, pretty much the original ones in the opening challenge post. It feels gargantuan to me in my state of mind (demotivated). Still...and again, I will be happy if I show no regain, but my head and heart want that 1/2 pound loss minimum.

I wish everyone a very happy holiday weekend. To all the mothers, God bless you. Be strong and courageous as you raise your young ones (or continue to advise and comfort your not-so-youngs ones) and have a lovely special day. My mother is in Heaven with the Lord, and I know she is waiting for us, like Moms always do, for the great homecoming.

Be well...


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Princess, I'm sorry to hear you are struggling with old habits as I am. It is so hard to stay focused and not let those habits reassert themselves. I wish us both the best. Hang in there and keep praying. I have no doubt that the praying will keep us in the clear.

Nanette said...

I am feeling you on the food struggle this week! It has been so tough to get myself to stop and to be smart about my eating choices. Let's see if we can both make better choices this week.

tomadou (とまどう) said...

Sounds like lots of us had a tough week! Wishing you the best this week -- time to practice those good habits!

Beth said...

Ohh, I felt this post, I know the struggle so well and I am glad that you are blogging this honestly through this. It's really helpful.

PlumPetals said...

The week may have been a struggle, but just keep focused. You have shown the determination to do this before, so you can definitely do it now. Posting your plans/goals somewhere you can easily see them is a good idea. Don't get frustrated - you've got the strength to move forward :)

Angela Pea said...

Teetering on the edge? Here's a rope - grab it quick!

I've been struggling a bit, too. The end of the school year is just so crazy, and I've been immobilized with worry over my youngest son's school progress. We're looking into alternative education options for him moving forward. My biggest prayer is that he will be able to complete school and support himself as an adult!

Hang on tight, Mir, and crawl away from the edge. I'm right behind you.

Maren said...

I know these feelings.. I really do. Old and bad habits die hard. It's a constant struggle.