Saturday, November 19, 2011

CDCC Update 10: Weight up...but look....Big Honking NSV with VISUAL PROOF that Sometimes The Scale Is An Ass (With Apologies to Dickens)

Tanita-san: 179.2

One pound up from yesterday. And I'm guessing the 1500 mg of sodium with din-din may be partly to blame, yes? But dang, those organic collards were amazing.

Still, I was surprised by that number. Why? I always feel my torso up before I get out of bed. A body check, as it were. And I felt...flatter. Smaller. Seriously....I expected a loss. I looked at myself naked in the mirror (my post body check ritual), and I looked "less than."

The scale said what?

So, I did a non-scale check. I got put on hot deep pinky red Principessa lipstick--it's 2 years old and still not rancid, go, you, Kevyn Aucoin!--for fortification, I put on my underwire plunge bra, then I got out my challenge dress that still didn't fit last month, which was the last time I tried it on.

My eyes were telling me my body was leaner.

The scale said I was pudgier.

Let's put it to the test.

FOR COMPARISON:  On October 8th, more than a month ago, I was virtually the same weight. I was 179.6 when I made this post with pics of me trying to fit into the dress.  It would not go up past my thighs.

So, today, at 179.2,  wearing no shapewear--which I so, so need with a snug dress like this, what with all the loose skin/pannus/side and back saggies-- just regular cotton undies (not tight, comfy that I like to wear at home), I unbagged the dress. Will I get it on this time?  Will it be an epic fail? Did my eyes deceive me? Is the scale right or are my hands and eyes right, and I'm different in some way....leaner at the same weight?

Well, I guess the header gave it away.

For the visual answer.....and forgive the dirty hair, haven't washed it since my blow-out last Thursday, cause I make those babies LAST.... and am due today for a nice deep conditioner treatment....Voila!

Same dress. Same weight. Different fit.

Yep. Visual proof.

Clearly, it's snug. But I can bend over and move in it. I figure about 7 to 10 less pounds of fat and it will look killer perfect. And with shapewear, natch.

What shapewear would YOU wear under this dress? I'm thinking a "wear your own bra compression slip" would be good, eh?

So, there it is. Same weight (nearly). Different body.

Exercise and protein. Makes a difference.

I had mentioned to Mr. Bailor (author of The Smarter Science of Slim) that I was concerned about the regain. He said, watch the body. The composition can change on the higher protein "smarter" diet, while the scale might not cooperate.

Might be true. We will continue to test this. :D

CDCC Update:

Calories: ranged between 1500 and 2000.
Exercise: 2 Pilates sessions, 3 20 to 30 minutes dancing sessions.
Fluids: fine.
Support: I posted many a long-winded comment. Snarf.
Mood: Fabulous.
Book(s): Yep. Still reading and learning.
Dress: Fits (snugly). Getting to the perfect fit by Xmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be putting the CDCC linky up in a bit. Please, challengers, update before midnight EST Sunday. Do it on time. Please!

Okay, later.

Try on your CDCC outfit. See if you made progress. well, everyone!


Thursday's Child said...

YOU GOT YOUR DRESS ON! Well done :) It's kind of nuts that the scale says you are pretty much the same weight, that idiot.

Thursday's Child said...

re: the slip, that sounds like a good idea. I got a full black slip for my new dress because the cowl is reeeeally deep and my bra is not up to it, so I like the coverage, but with the design you have there you can wear any bra you like.

Rachellabelle said...

Thank you for this post. How wonderful that your body is "less than" despite the number on your scale. I really need to get some snug clothes so I can do this test myself. Everything I have is so loose fitting already, that I can never have a reliable gauge.

The dress is gorgeous!

Caron said...

Yep, great NSV!

Jo said...

There you have it. The proof is in the pudding. If there is anyone who thinks that the scale is the "last word" on weight loss, this should put some doubt her mind.

That is "the" dress I am looking for. May I ask where you found it? I want black lace, 3/4 sleeves, not too low cut, not too short. Of course at 5'3", it will hang to my ankles, but I can work around that. You look knockout great in that dress NOW, not to mention how much progress you will make by Christmas!

Julie said...

Because of you I am not so upset about the scale, the size is what tells all. Love that dress, you are so beautiful in it.
Today my size 12 jeans came. No one was home after my exercise so I unpackaged them and put them on....and zipped them, buttoned them and stood in from of the mirror with my mouth opened in surprise and wonder and oh I felt good. Yep, not perfect but ... well it made my day.
I'll tell you about the shapewear I got when it gets here. It's what you were talking about, my own bra firm support. When it gets here I'll put the dress on and see.
Take care Mir and have a blessed weekend.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Great job, Princess. The dress is hot and so are you. Just wait another few pounds and you will be knocking some eyes out. Good for you!

Jane Cartelli said...

Oh Mama! the photos are terrific but the subject of the post is fabulous! We should never let the scale be the final word. For one thing - it can be broken. For another, it can be sodium retention on any given day. Clothing does not lie unless it is shrunk. It something stays in the closet and only comes out for the occasional trying on - you can be damn sure it has not shrunk - and unless it is knit, it does not grow on the hanger.

I, too, have a tight little number that I pull out if I do not like the scale. It is not a holiday dress, it is a summer number that I originally bought (used) to wear only at home because it is too short - but as I firm up it looks better and better and I think when the Florida heat returns this dress may meet the public again.

Enjoy this victory over the scale numbers!

Jane~ said...

Oh. My. Gosh. OHMYGOSH!!!! This is absolutely fabulous, fantastic, marvelous! Look at you, Mir - you have the dress on!! I'm so thrilled for you.

Betty said...

You look FABULOUS!!! Really you do. I´m so impressed and encouraged by this post. It´s something I¨ve been suspecting all along but didn´t quite believe. thank you for the proof!!
I went and posted my outfit too, but after seeing your dress I´m going to look for something fancier. Maybe if I can get to the big city I´ll be able to find something suitable. Here´s the link to my pic.

Bluezy said...

That dress is beautiful. You are looking good lady! I am so happy for you! Truly sexy! Oh and your captcha is a message to me. I feel inspired. It is "dephy" which to me means a lot right now. I need to defy all the negative feelings and get on with this dieting. Ohmmmmm!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

You look amazing in that dress!

thinchic said...


spunkysuzi said...

You look fantabulous :) Amazing!!

Debby said...

Gorgeous!! And proof positive that the number on the scale is not THE WHOLE STORY!!

Denise said...

That is awesome. Screw that scale, you proved that the number doesn't mean anything. Keep doing what you are doing, it's obviously working despite the number on the scale.

Beth said...

Wow! That is amazing! What amazing progress and you look hawt, honey! I really love that dress.

I saw a cross section of a thigh this weekend - one in an athlete and one in a sedentary person, both of them had the same thigh circumference but the internal amounts of fat to lean tissue was incredibly different. And yes, I am FINALLY convinced that you can loose fat and gain lean tissue, not see a change on the scale but see a big change in your body. Not sure why I ever thought this wasn't And indeed you are living proof!

Well done, I am rooting for your metabolism to ramp up, you are certainly doing all the right things. Keep it up.

"KT" said...

Looks super hot! Your skin is beautiful too, I seriously thought you had on pantyhose!

Awesomeee NSV. :)

upinthecosmos said...

Awesome, you will rock that dress!! You already look fabulous:-). It amazing how the body changes each time we put it through things like this, it's never quite the same but always wonderful when it better than it was! You are a great motivation to the rest of us!

Anne H said...

You are beautiful!
And happy. And consistant!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Congrats! And I think that's a great dieting philosphy: Sometimes the scale IS an ass!

best weight loss products said...

Its amazing way of weight loss. It's really inspiring to lose weight in less time.

Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

Lookin amazing. Thanks for sharing & being a reminder of what doing the right things consistently can get you.

Laryssa said...

That's an nice reminder for us that it isn't always about the scale, if you know you're doing what needs to be done. Awesome!!

I've occasionally used the Spanx shapewear just because I hate wearing shapewear in general and the Spanx is soft and doesn't feel constricting .... unless you get a smaller size, which I don't.

Evelyn aka CarbSane said...


One Chicks Journey On Weight Watchers said...

You look absolutely beautiful love the dress!! Yay!!! your doing great!

d4aa2a26-7a56-11e0-b491-000bcdcb471e said...

you're stunning! i think that other women, who aren't close enough to you to feel threatened, are the judges one should heed!