Friday, November 25, 2011

When Smart Gals Do Dumb*ss Stuff...ah, well...But I Looked Curly Good!

I got through Thanksgiving and the games/fun afterwards on plan. I took my sugar-free baked apples, sugar-free (and amazing) cranberry sauce (organic, made from fresh berries, and it was the BEST I had in my life, no lie). I had oodles of veggies and good pile of white meat. Took lots of green tea to guzzle. Wore a shaper that was snug to keep me NOT super-filling up. :D

Done good!

And then on the drive home, hubby was hungry, we ended up at a diner at 10pm, and I had a spinach omelette and a fruit cup and decaf.


Yeah, well. There you go. I also do stupid-ass diet things.

How does one get through the feast just fine and then ..."Oh, let me eat more!"

A reminder that strategy, for me, must be in place 24/7, not just at those times deemed "danger periods."

Well, we had fun. Unbelievably fine day--cool, low humidity, sunny, breezy.

I hope you had fun, too, and I hope you didn't do some late night noshing like me.

Oh, and me (curls are back) and hubby all spiffied up for the feast-we had a purple/pink/black theme:

Thankful Princess and Prince


Karen Butler Ogle said...

You two look great. I'm glad you enjoyed your day.

Julie said...

Well you know, this is a learning experience and mistakes will happen and now you know next time it won't. Besides I am pretty sure those calories weren't horrible just not top either.
You and hubby look so cute together. It is so much fun reading your journey Mir. You teach so well the do's and don'ts and what happens along the way.
I'm not sure yet the calories burned today, 3 hours of geo-caching and 2 hours of swimming and then 2 hours of my cleaning job but I am betting plenty for the day to make a great night sleep.
Take care Mir and have a great evening. Blessings my friend.

Anne H said...

It's not a mistake that calls for punishment...
Just calls for correction! Now we know better.
It's all good! I think you did swimmingly!
And you look great!

Laryssa said...

Oh thank God you mess up too! For a moment there I was thinking you were a Saint! :) Joking aside, it's recognizing where we go wrong and changing it for the next time that is the most important thing. Learning as we go along. Always learning.

And I don't know what it is about thanksgiving but I've heard from several folks who noshed more than necessary after having a filling dinner. Maybe it's 'cause we usually eat earlier than normal?

Caron said...

We all mess up and that's a fact. I'm really curious how you make cranberry sauce sugar free and still make it taste good. Can you share?

Becki said...

You had a great day, proud of that. As for the late night eating you know not a good choice, lots of water today and maybe some extra excersie.
You look great love the curls very nice.

Jo said...

So glad you had a great day. And the little extra wasn't really sinful, just not necessary. No real harm done, I'm sure. You and hubby look great!

Betty said...

I think it inspires me just as much when I read that you too make those "little" mistakes and not just about your successes. Thanks for sharing that with us.
I´m glad you had a good time. You and hubs look good!

Angela Pea said... MESSED UP with a spinach omlette. And Fresh Fruit. Yeah, you messed up with the simple act of eating more, but look at the bright side.

If it had been me messing up a few years ago, the snafu would have included extra pie, probably some icecream and a calorie laden Starbucks caramel coffee drink.

Spinach and eggs? Can be worked off with a good hour or so at the gym.

And I agree - you and Husband are a very handsome couple.

Jane Cartelli said...

Do Not Do Not DO NOT NOT NOT beat yourself up for a spinach omelet and fresh fruit - unless it was covered in fudge and preceded ice cream.

You had a weight conscious, health conscious successful holiday and you look great. The only one hurt in the process were the eggs.


Bluezy said...

A spinach omelet with some fruit was smart eating. I am disappointed in myself for having been apart from the herd, only to get right back into the seasonal pasture and graze like I had never left.

Today is a new day... 33 days and hours to the new year and my weight loss tickers are wanting to show some progress before 2011 is over!

Again, the captcha here is symbolic. I had to look it up to see if it is a word "crast" it is in the urban dictionary lol and perfect on how I feel my attitude had been.
Crast-Definition 2 is "A distraction or collection of distractions that keep one from achieving an intended task." obviously derived from proCRASTinate.

ie: Bluezy can really find many crast moments in her 2011 diet journey!

How magically on it can that be? Even your captcha's inspire me and guide me :b LOL