Friday, November 4, 2011

What I'm Reading Now...

What I'm reading now. 

And if you're on a low-calorie reducing diet, or have a history of yo-yo dieting, or get really hungry and have a hard time staying on a low-cal diet, or find it hard to lose even though you've cut back calories, or have lost and have started regaining, or have lost a lot and have stalled and can't seem to budge, or if you're skeptical of set-point theory, or you've given up on losing weight cause you've failed so much, or if you are exercising like mad and not seeing commensurate fat loss....might wanna take a look.

I'm nowhere near finishing, but so far, it's interesting. I keep an open mind. And I appreciate the many quotes from actual researchers.

I believe in continuing to learn, read, be critical, in order to find  what works BEST for lifelong weight loss. I accept that I will always be learning, because science is always learning, and this journey will need refinement, always. And attention, always.

Be well today..and ALWAYS. :D

(Oh, and scale the same. Now, I'm stuck at 178.4. hahahahahahha That's okay. As long as the stuck points are moving downward in increments....I'll get there.)


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Thanks for the tip. I will check it out.

Betty said...

I checked it out and it looks really interesting. I think I will order it too, because the book I have has done it´s deed. :)

Jo said...

Thanks, Mir, for your comment on my last post re: my lipids. I respect your opinion because you have been there and like me, are an avid reader. I will check out the resources you suggested.

Beth said...

I was so excited to see that the first 103 pages were on the internet, started reading it then realised that the key pages were omitted. Obviously that would be the case. Will have to settle on your opinion, I'm not buying any more books, I've got so many. I'll check the library though, they may have it.

I thought his analysis of calorie quality was very good. He's also not against artifical sweetners which is a switch from most diety type writers. Kind of made me feel a bit better about my addiction to splenda.