Friday, February 3, 2012

Thanks, Doc! That explains a host of crap going on....Hope for full-out vim by spring.... :)..and some pics at endo's office and Whole Foods...

At the doc, hard to keep eyes open.
My thyroid is WAY out of whack.

Doc was a bit shocked, to say the least. My number hasn't been this bad in 15 years, back when I was being slowly upped to get me to a good zone, increment by increment.

So, that explains the:

1. thinning hair (especially at the crown, dang)
2. chills (teeth-chattering chills when the a/c is on 77/78 degrees and I have a blanket)
3. lethargy
4. Sleeping 12+ hours
5. Droopy eyes/face
6. Drier skin
7. Bowel movements not as frequent as I'm used to

8. Regain and hard to get back to lowest weight, even when calories and movement are great.

Might explain the uptick in joint pain, not sure.

Okay, she only increased me in a small increment, and then rechecks in 2 months. I wish this was a much faster process. Yes...I'm impatient. I'd rather someone just inject the hormone into me and make me normal...cause I hate feeling like this, but this is how it goes. Small raise, recheck. If more needed, small raise in Rx, recheck.

It's always a slow process with this stuff, cause being HYPER is bad, too. It's not just hypo that sucks.

Hubby making me laugh A LOT in the
exam room; we're waiting for the Doc to show up.
Glucose, great. A1c normal and good. Triglycerides and HDL are uh-mazing. LDL pretty bad. She's ordering a VAP. Something is off with that. I want to see what my CRP and a-lipoprotein look like, but I guess I gotta see primary, as she's the one who ordered it for me last month. It will be interesting to see what my VAP resuls are. My lipoprotein test was great last year, low risk. Hubby's was amazing: like extremely low risk.

So, I have to wait for my Rx to be filled (I have meds mailed to me), and then hopefully start getting sorted out. I should have asked for a "fill enough for 10 days" thing, but I'm pretty sure I still have some of my higher Rx from last year (before she reduced it in June), and it should still be good. Just gotta find it.

After the doc, we tried out some of the California Pizza Kitchen's Gluten-Free menu items. I loved the fire-roasted and stuffed ancho chile pepper (fewer than 500 calories).  Really, really good. They need to make that a keeper on the menu. Waitress said everyone who'd tried it had raved. I had some of a roasted-veggie salad (smaller sized), but was full and didn't finish even half.

Then...we went to WHOLE FOODS to stock up on some goodies. Voila:
Pomegranate and Persimmons.
My thinning hair up top is obvious here. Sigh.

Visiting the WHOLE BODY section.
The jewelry and bags were temtping.
I dropped, "My birthday is coming soon" hints...
These are my baggier "mommy" jeans...
So, with my lower energy, we skipped the museum. Maybe tomorrow or next week. Valentine's Day and my Birthday are coming up and I hope I can get me some energy mojo to enjoy them both a lot. :D  I'm also hoping that me getting back in a good range in the coming 2 months (TSH range, that is), that I will be able to drop weight more consistently, even if it's just wee bits a week. I still have that 160 goal in my head. :D

And I want my fuller hair back!

And because Allie did bring it up, why not, hubby again:

Just had some raw, chilled coconut water,
and it smeared my perfectly applied NARS
"Red Lizard" lipstick. Ignore my bald spot...

I'll be putting up the linky soon for the challengers. Look for that.

Thanks to all who've dropped by. Your encouragement is lovely, especially when I'm feeling not tip-top, ya know? THANKS SO VERY MUCH. and ...MUAH! <--got red lipstick on ya!

Be whole and sound and well....


downsizers said...

I'm glad that now there are test results and steps can be taken to correct your symptoms - none of which sound fun btw. You always find a way to be as upbeat as you can and I pray for your healing. What a cute couple you two make!

Nanette said...

I am digging the red lipstick. I'm glad that you've got a watch on what's going on. It's so great. :)

Eaba said...

I know you are bummed that your levels are down but at least you can work on it now. I hate when I'm sick and KNOW I'm not up to par and the doctor can't figure out what's wrong with me!

As for your bald spot, enough ALREADY! I'm sure you notice it WAY more than anyone else. I looked really hard at each pic but couldn't see anything! Keep working on raising your levels and feed your body good nutrient dense foods (like your doing) and your hair will recover I promise! About 2 years before I divorced my first husband I was going through so much stress that my hair was literately falling out in clumps. I had to keep the plunger by the shower because I would stop it up almost daily.

Caron said...

I have what I call "little girl hair." It's super fine, with no body and you can't do a thing with it. So, I think your hair looks terrific. I'm glad your doctor is working things out for you. I remember when both my Mom and my Mom-in-Law had their thyroids removed. I guess they don't do that anymore?

Julie said...

Getting those perfect numbers are hard and for each 20 lbs I lost my numbers changed and I felt so crappy. Thinking it just might be time to head in again too. Been since last August and he said give it 6 months and see so I'll find out soon.
My spot for thinning hair is above my left ear, when I get my hair cut Terri tries her best to work around that and keep it all matching.
You are beautiful Mir and you both are such a great looking couple. Love it when you share.
Take care and have a blessed weekend.

Karla said...

You are looking beautiful (((((hugs)))))) feel better

Betty said...

Now you´ll feel better soon. So happy your suspicions were verified.
I agree with Eaba, you don´t have a bald spot compared to me and my hair. I think it´s an age thing too. :(
You and your hubby and so cute together. Looking great!!

Beth said...

Oh so sorry to hear that things are outta whack but what a relief to be getting back on the right track. I'm so glad that the problem was obvious and didn't require lots of sleuthing.

May the meds work their wonders quick like and get you back on track and feeling better soon.

Hang in there, I'm sure it's not easy, especially as it affects your mood and your energy levels.

And I agree with Eaba, I can't see any "bald" spot - it looks like you have really thick hair but I understand how those things can cause some second-thought. I don't like to feel out of control of my body and have it doing things that I don't like so I can sympathise.

Keep resting and taking care of yourself and enjoy the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wow, glad you went and got it figured out. I hope it does improve over the next couple months. Can you please calm down on your cuteness? Love the pics!

Jordan said...

I'm so proud of you for staying strong and steady and taking care of yourself this past month of uncertainty about the thyroid! And knowing your body well enough to know what was wrong. Those pictures look great - you're starting in a good place to make this spring Rock!

Jane Cartelli said...

I identify with the thinning crown. I have never had thyroid issues so the only thing I can blame it on is my dad's genes: male pattern baldness. I am sure my years of screwing around with my food and lopsided nutrition had nothing to do with my part in it. . . .

Becki said...

I get the thinning from my mo side very thin up top, but inwear it proud. Glad they are getting you figured out. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Darling pictures!

OK forgive me, I'm sure you know all this, but do you avoid goitrogens? Those really mess with my thyroid (fellow hypo here). Sadly, millet is a goitrogen, and it tends to turn up in gluten free products.

Fellow Feb. birthday gal, too! I love birthdays! Anyone's birthday!

Anonymous said...

My goodness you two are adorable. Thanks for the pics - love the happy pics. :D My adorable husband and I will celebrate 28 years married this July and while we have as much fun together as you guys seem to we are most definitely not as photogenic as you two! You guys could be in commercials. Oh - and I do NOT see thinning hair at all, just a beautiful head of hair like always. I am most def jealous of your hair as mine is extra super thin/fine/baby like. Family curse! HA!haha! Wow - I wish we had a CPK to try that stuffed pepper. YUM. I am obsessed with stuffed peppers. Just as Steph said - DARLING PICTURES! Allie

Rachellabelle said...

I'm glad you're getting some answers. Now to turn this ship around.

P.S Your hair is looking as thick as ever!

Anne H said...

We are so focused on weight.... then one day we realize there is HEALTH!
And that is what we've really wanted all along.
Maybe we can all learn from each other, and figure it out as we go!