Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 29 of 84 in the StSC: Where I report an uptick following a really fun Supercon weekend! Where Misfits feel at Home and Fat Princesses Who Aren't AS FAT AS LAST YEAR Dance with Teens....LOTSA PICS...and, sure, Challenge Updates...

Okay, still not feeling like blogging, but I need to do an update. I was seriously sleep deprived and slept until 4 today. Had a great time. My mood lifted. I danced a lot, hollered a lot, bought a lot of stuff (manga, art, music cds, etc). Got to enjoy the youthful cosplayers. Some terrific bands (the music was very good this year compared to last two years).

I did not stay within challenge calories this weekend. I hit just under 1800 calories Saturday and made it to 1600 yesterday. I'm still hitting the salty stuff (and eating out didn't help as every place we went had salted up food). Saturday, we ate at the convention hall snack bar (chicken caesar and fruit was the only things on the menu doable), and then hit Au Bon Pain in the hotel . Again, tough to pick something, as limited options for me. I will say, they make a nice egg salad.

It was difficult getting decent stuff to eat yesterday, so we took water and each of us had a protein bar and waited until nearly 2 in the morning to actually make up for not having lunch or dinner prior to that. Both Sat and Sun, we had breakfast before leaving, packed nuts and fruit for Saturday, and those protein bars for yesterday.

I completed another "new exercise"--2 actually--so that makes 2 already, and meets my requirements. We did some Dance Party in the game room. And I went to a mini-rave (before the BIG raves), and used the Apple App for the glowstick and rave-danced for about 40 minutes. Added to regular dancing which totaled about 3 hours for both days. Yesterday, especially, I was just into it. Great performances and I stood and danced through them all, right up at the stage. Why not act 18 again? I figured.

I have been sore, so clearly, I was active. And most of the time I was on my feet, even when not grooving to the moving.

I only worked on push-ups one day. Yeesh. I blogged much less than usual, but I did blog this week. I did some encouragement. I prayed for the challenge, but not as much. I haven't quit, though I am somewhat off track. Not feeling as guilty as I ought to, as I was on a convention high. ; )

This week, I got two Pilates sessions, 3 walking sessions, the convention dancing/game-dancing. That was exercise. Food was over-caloric 4 of the days, so a fail there. I stuck with proteins and vegetables and fruit and fats (ie, still avoided most starches/sugar), but had too much.

I only missed my water goals one day (yesterday, when I miscalculated and realized by bedtime I was 2 cups of water short of goal).

Tanita-san says: 190.8

Thats UP from last week by ONE POUND.

And here we go. Another week. And I need to be firmly back on the track and not distracted by too much fun or too little sleep (no one gets enough sleep on convention weekends.) Goal this week right through Sunday: To be on plan, on goals, in the game and not derail at all.

I am wishing all Challengers the best. :)

Hubby's Blackberry didn't send me the couple pics from Saturday (was running around from event to event, so forgot to take pics of stuff again, and I so wanted a pic with Death the Kid and the amazing stilted version of resureccion Ulquiorra. That guy was so Gothy~! There were some really amazing costumes, too.)  One nice thing was, Sunday night, being told by some of the kids we semi-befriended that we were one of the funnest couples (and when teens and 20-somethings tell you that, it feels good to a 51 year old). It was also very good I carried a spare bra, as it came in handy in THE QUEST. Kinda like a scavenger hunt in the karaoke space. As did my limited edition MAC "Red" She Said lipstick, which was used by me and one of the young guys on my team. Hubby ended up with lots of lipstick on his bald spot, as it became the focus of one of the challnges. And yeah, that was weird. At one point, the hunt required we bring a fruit to the host. Hubby had eaten two apples and a banana, so we were out of fruit. But one of the team gay guys volunteered to be the "fruit". So, it worked out. ; ) (Creativity was encouraged, so, say, spontaneously markered tatoos were acceptable, etc.)

One of the nice things about these events is that for all misfits and outsiders, for the fat and homely, the slim and sexy, the spacey and odd, everyone fits in. You can be 60 or 16, but if you love the genres or the raving or the cosplay or the onigiri making or Japanese culture or gaming or karaoke or all of it, you fit in. The guy in blue spandex, the girl in the wolf-god costume, the crossdresser, the pimply Pokemon collector, the 10 year old boy in the wheelchair dressed as a game character for the cosplay contest, the genre tv starlet plugging her latest, the K-pop enthusiast mimicing the dance moves from the latest M'Blaq video, the geek film enthusiast learning how to edit, the Steampunk afficionado in leather and metal with a gas mask and cape showing others how to fashion brass accoutrements for their costumes---everyone is accepted. No nastiness. It's all good.

I felt like a misfit for most of my youth, and I'm glad misfit kids can feel at home, even if it's for a weekend, wearing green wigs and talking Trek or Tron or Gundam or World of Warcraft or singing badly at Karaoke or acting out a song in expressive dance, or just waving glowsticks at the rave sans booze or drugs. (My kind of rave.)

If you get a chance to go to one, and you have remembered feeling like you didn't "fit in", go to an anime/comicon. Have fun. No matter your size or age.

Wish I had a lot of pics, but really, we were too busy to take em, though we took some Sunday on the "winding down" hours as we cooled off from sweaty eventing.

But Toots did email me some just now. For a bit of comparison, this is us last year with Gilligan's Island's Mary Anne:

Supercon June 2010 with "Mary Anne" and me in my cover-up cause i was 260+ lbs

Two of us that same week.

Now this year:

Prince and Princess and Doctor Who blue kiosk

Leaving on Saturday after 1AM and the mall stores
closed...but purdy display, hence the pic...This outfit was perfect
for the con. Cool, comfy, stretchy, with a huge purse
for assorted necessities and sneakers were godsend.

Late Sunday, Dance Party-ing with a Total Stranger!
This was a comfy outfit, but too dark and hot for late-night raving, I can tell you!

The energy level is a whole different thing from last year with +70 pounds.

I hope I can say that next year, I'll be even more energized at goal weight with more muscle and I'll need better undies, cause with the hanging skin--panni and back flaps-- I need work and my butt needs some liftage:

Ah, well. I guess I'll have comparison pics NEXT year. :D

And that's it for this update. Not a stellar challenge week, but a week where my mood began to dip and then took a rise and I'm all for a happy "ending".

Blessings on you all for a new week of fatfighting!


Anne H said...

Wow! Iz it hot in here- or iz it just you!?!
You look wonderful! And all the energy for good times!

❦ fitcetera said...

YAYAYA! The Princess is on Fire!

Anonymous said...

Great comparison pics - yes, next year will be great! Congrats, back on track!

safire said...

Normal is overrated! Being a misfit is much more interesting and fun :)

It sounds like you did great last week! 1800 calories is still not over-doing it in my book. Great job with all the exercise.

Have a wonderful week!

Candy kankles said...

You are looking so amazing! Lil miss motivator you are!

Kelly said...

Smokin'Hot Princess!

Ms. Scooter Butt said...

Yep smokin and no need to call the firefighters. The picture in front of the closed store is really something. Way way Princessy.
Glad you had fun.

Julie said...

You are amazing Mir. No matter what is going on you are rocking. You look so great and sure can tell feel great. That is wonderful.
Keep it up Mir!!!
I hope that this is a great week (yes it's already 1/2 done, takes me awhile to get places sorry).
Take care my friend and have a blessed rest of the week.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I so love the pictures! I should dig through and see what I can find of myself 100 lbs. ago. *shudder* I'm in a blogging funk too, it must be just the summer fun!