Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 46 of Phase 5: The Body Doing Its Puzzling Diet Thing, But waist 1/2 inch down...and Pilates Progress Pics AKA What 217 Pounds Looks Like On Me...lotsa pics...

I gave time for the Hatsume/Feta Cheese bloat to resolve, have eaten very nicely since Monday (ie, no crazy salt, between 1100 and 1300), been exercising daily, sometimes twice in a day....and Tanita-san slaps me with  gain? 217.2? Huh?  I got out the tape measure: waist is down .5 inch.

I repeat: Huh?

Okay, it's just one of those things my body does sometimes. Confusing, but occasional and you just keep keeping on. That's all you can do. Stay the course, drink the fluids, eat at calorie level, move, sleep/rest, and not get vexed, cause what does that help? Nada. Stress adds nothing. So, no stress.

Decided it was time to update the Pilates Progress pics for my own documentation purposes and to remind me of two things VISUALLY: How far I've come, and how much I still have left to go. I'm more than halfway to my destination, but that's still a loooooooooooooong way to go, and it's the harder side of the journey (ie, even at 1200 calories, I lose slower than I did eating 1200 when I had 20, 30, 50, 70, 80 more pounds). The lighter you get, the less the chasm between calories in and calories needed. So....that's how it is.

I have made great progress. I need to make MORE progress. We keep keeping on, to use an old phrase.

So, the pics will eventually be fully uploaded to the PHAT PILATES page that can be accessed by the tab up there, under the blog title. It takes a long time to upload a bunch of pics and I get lazy/bored, so a bit at a time will do.

Here are some:

You can go ahead and compare with the older pics. (The silly ninja socks are required now at the studio for hygienic reasons, which is great, though they look dorky. And what's with all the white threads on me during this session? ha.) My middle is still the main repository of the big, ole fatload. But it's gonna go. Has to. Eventually, the belly will cry "uncle". :) (Well, I'll always be belly-poochy-heavier-appley, since even at age 15 and 135 lbs, I had the poochy tummy and these skinny arms and legs. I am a spider, I guess. :P

Have a good one, people! Fight the fat, no matter where it wants to reside on your bod!


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Great new pics, Princess. You look great! Keep on keeping on and you will get there. :)

Kelly said...

Looks at those curves you're getting. And the muscles in your arms! Great job.

And scales go up and down. You never know what you're going to get. Stupid scale. Don't listen to it. You look great.

Suzan said...

Looking good! My scale does those crazy things sometimes, too. No worries.

Mike said...

I want some ninja socks! If I had an all black gym outfit and had the option to use black ninja socks ... I would no longer be able to resist the urge to pull out my nunchucks.

I love the workout pics. You are looking great!I need to take some at the gym. Keep it up, and thanks for all the love you have been sending my way at my blog.

Starting at 500 Pounds

Anonymous said...

It's probably from the muscle you're buildling. It weighs more then fat so even though you lost the fat and lost inches you weigh more. Happens to me too.. that's why it's important to measure yourself, it gives you a better idea of your progress than the stupid scale.. it lies! lol

Candy kankles said...

I always wanted to try pilates I wonder if theres any places local.Inches are just as good as pounds both mean your moving in the right direction! Good job!

Food Freak said...

I adore those socks, are you kidding? I first thought they were some kind of strange shoes, and wanted a pair right NOW. But when you said they were socks, I thought that's even better.

You've got a lot of agility and coordination. I don't know how strong you are, but you look very strong. Damn--it's really working well. No, YOU'RE really working, not "it." You have a lot to be proud of, Princess.

Ruth Amada said...

Hi! I just found your blog thru google search and I can tell you that I will be a reader from now on. I just started my last weight loss journey at the age of 47 & 228lbs and your blog is just the kind of inspiration that I need to stay on my road to a healthy,not-obese self. I look forward to your continued success enhancing my own road.

lv2 said...

You're looking good!