Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get A Personalized, Unique Avatar--And $5 Goes to Japan Relief: FlipFace

I got one last year for my "natural hair" persona (I went natural in 2009, letting my curly freak fly). But/ before that, I had several pieces of quickie art done by Len Peralta (at the time, it was his enterprise to help pay for his wife/baby's maternity-medical expenses.) He does fun zombie, vampire, monster, etc art. See him creating my Botticelli Venus Zombie on youtube.  Now, see him creating my Tormented Alien Novelist on South Beach . Cool, right?

More recently, he does avatars (flipfaces).

Here's my curly one:

If you want your own flipface/avatar by Len, you can help towards Japan Relief while getting your own bit of artsy goodness.

Go here to order one. It's easy. Give him your instructions. Upload a pic. Pay via Paypal. Voila!

I just ordered one in anime-style.

I'm off to do stuff. later....

UPDATE: man, Len is fast today! I ordered my FlipFace/anime-style/Japan-Relief version late this morning. Got it a few minutes ago:

I sent this following pic from Valentine's day, from which he got the pose/hair/red lips:

I love it!


Maria said...

That is so cute, I may have to get one. Maybe I'll ask him to slenderize the face a tad. :P

Princess Dieter said...

Maria, you can certainly do that--especially since as we lose weight, we do slenderize in the face. So, call it the "hopeful, future-eyeing Flip Face". :D

Candy kankles said...

lol I love it! What a sweet idea

Losing 100 said...

Too Cute!! I love it!