Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 33 of Phase 5: Weeping for Japan, so who effing cares about the scale today, cause, really, overeating is idiotic in light of current events! And my new dieting motto. Plus the only times I figure it's okay to binge/overeat.....

I'm a Japanophile. If you read this blog, you already know that.

You can imagine I'm really upset, really upset, after watching the news and learning of the terrible disaster. I'm in tears.

Right now, don't care about food, exercise, water, or the scale. I'm gonna spend my time praying and figuring out which is the best relief agency to donate to, and then maybe I'll wanna eat and drink and do the normal stuff.

Just another reminder why having let our eating and bodies get out of control was so stupid, immature, dumbass, and insane. So many more important things in life.  Having to take so much time to correct years of being face-stuffing idiots mean less time paying attention to other things that matter more.

Being fat is stupid. There I said it. Getting fat was dumb and a waste of time and money. Not gonna get fatter. Not gonna stay fat. Cause it's DUMB. I'm tired of being a dumbass who has to spend so much time correcting for past mistakes about FRICKEN FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It wastes valuable, valuable time that 1000+ people no longer have cause of an earthquake/tsunami.  It wastes valuable, valuable money that millions and billions could put to better use in this world.

Overeating is idiotic. OMG, so stupid. We obese people are fricken idiots for having done it to ourselves and for still doing it when we still do it.

Instead of the Susan Powter tagline, I'll tweak it to: STOP THE IDIOCY!

So much energy, time, and money to establish habits about food and exercise that we should have done when we were kids, teens, by age 18. Decades wasted (in my case) in pushing food into my mouth, damaging my body.

Now it takes up hours of my day to learn and establish what I should have gotten down to a routine in the 1970's. How to eat. How to move. How to handle stress. How to not overeat.

Basics. I'm wasting time fixing damage and establishing basic habits.


See what happens when I'm upset and weepy. I get really mad, too.

Anyone stressed by the news or life, remember this (which is now officially my new dieting motto):

And I have no appetite. Which is probably a sane response to bad news.

Anyway...when you think you're stressed and wanna stuff your face today, think about Northern Japan and anyone who might be in that tsunami's path. Yeah, THAT is major stress, people. Not your hangnail, your dumb boss, your nagging spouse, your dead car battery, your bad hair day, your ill-fitting wardrobe or sagging skin or bad internet connection or my leaky roof or diving property values.

Real stress. Ask our soldiers in the Middle East. Ask relief workers in various nations. Ask people starving in third world countries. Ask some tsunami survivors whose house got swept out to sea....


I want to thank my government for its offer of help and the military assistance already on route.

My sympathies go out to the Japanese people and nation today. God bless you as you recover.

**Note: The only events I can think of that justify overeating are these: 1. You know an apocalypse is coming with famine involved and you're fattening up in preparation to survive it. 2. You're an astronaut going on an interplanetary trip and need to fatten up to survive the long-term sleep involved before you wake up on Mars. 3. You're a top athlete preparing for some grueling event and you need to carb load and get some weight on to make it through the various trials. 4. You're gonna do a survivalist reality show and need to bulk up to make it through the lack of food for several weeks.

If you don't fit those categories....overeating is not justified. 

In fact...even if you WERE starving, actually starving, about to die from lack of food, overeating will KILL YOU.You gotta bring food in gradually.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

So much loss, so much death. I'm sorry that you are grieving too. You are right. Times like these are not times to turn to food. We should turn to God and each other for comfort.

Beth said...

It's true, isn't it? it is stupid, there are so many more urgent and pressing things happening in the world. And so often I loose perspective so quickly. That tsunami was so frightening and yes, my thoughts are with them and many others around this earth of ours living under dire and dangerous circumstances today.

Joy said...

It's so awful...and yes, this sort of thing really puts things into perspective. I've said before that this is one of the things that shames me so much about my struggles with overeating, there are people starving in the world and I'm upset because of too much food? Children are sold into sex-slave operations but I'm upset because my fat face can't stop eating? Natural disasters impact Haiti, Japan, Indonesia, etc. and I'm upset because I can't control my food intake? Pretty pathetic when you think about it.

I know how much you must be hurting to see a country you love so much going through what Japan is going through. My sister taught English for a year in Japan a few years ago and she is a bit of a "Japanophile" as well so I called her and asked how her friends were doing over there. So far, so good. My prayers go out to the Japanese and I will be donating on their behalf as well. God bless us all...

Suzan said...

I am also a Japanophile, from when I worked at a Japanese Bank a while ago, and immersed myself in the culture. My (former) husband was too, and he lived in Japan for a long time. For years we lived within the Japanese-American culture in NYC. I feel terrible about the earthquake and tsunami, and my thoughts and prayers are with them.

This is a great post and I am in complete agreement with you. Being overweight and obsessed with food is dumb and sinful. There are so many more important things to worry about.

FatAngryBlog said...

Feeling the same way here...

Julie said...

AMEN!!! God Bless!!