Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 47 of Phase 5: Scale Says...Broccolini Love, Dancing and Singing Pre Breakfast, Feeling Good Despite Allergy Season's Atacks, What I did Last Night....What 3 Tips Would You Give an Obese Pal or Relative To Help Them FatFight?

Tanita-san: 216.0

Right back where I was last weigh-in on Saturday. So, the overage is gone and it's time to make progress. I honestly don't know any reason other than salt or muscle-inflammation from some extra walking/sun/exercise. (I do have an itchy heat rash since Hatsume fair...too much sun for this photosensitive/heat-intolerant gal.) But, back down and hoping I can report some dang loss this weekend to the fearless leader. I have been eating like an angel, so I had better see some result other than clothes/tape measure. :D

I'm gonna be on a bunch of topics today, since I may be out and about tomorrow and my sister's birthday party is Sunday.

Big Sis is Catholic and does no meat at all for Lent, so my niece is making a "mini Thanksgiving" with roast turkey and fixings. I will bring healthful stuff and I can go to town on turkey breast. Yeah! I may take some broccolini, as I'm currently addicted to it.

I love it with dinner protein and I love it with breakfast eggs/egg whites/omelettes. OMG, cooked up with a scosh of EVOO and some garlic and herbs, and that baby makes an egg white omelette SING! With onions (sweet) and mushrooms (baby bella, organic) and some Mrs. Dash extra spicy and original blend and a bit of garlic/herb blend (I love Mrs. Dash stuff now) makes my morning.

I have learned that it pays to make EXTRA veggies for dinner and just bag the leftovers to use in omelettes in the AM for a couple days. Do the same in restaurants. Get extra steamed or roast or grilled veggies and dump 'em in morning eggies. Simplifies life, adds nutrients, filling, fiber...flavor!

So, I'm happy. Energy is great. I feel...NOT OLD (and I like that feeling, until my knees remind me otherwise). Put on some Buck-Tick and then some Benjamin Gate (one cd is after the other on the carousel) and just danced for a bit before and during making breakfast. I had my new bra on (went down a size, so got 3 new bras yesterday) so the puppies were nice and comfy as I bounced around on bare feet. I good. :)

All that talk about how exercise and eating well makes for energy: It's not bullshit. Seriously, I have not felt as good as I do this 2+ decades. I'm 51 and feel like I'm back in my late twenties, energy-wise. My husband is happy cause he has his "young wife" back... in terms of my energy, enthusiasm, laughter, and sex drive. (Vavoom!)

You wanna feel young again: eat well and exercise. It will astound you how you'll feel after a while. Amazing.

I do get stuffier on my walks these days. Miami is in allergy season. At this time of year, for decades, I'd get sinusitis/bronchitis. Since I started eating better and exercising, I don't get 6+ cases of bronchitis/sinusitis a year anymore. I haven't had bronchitis fall of 2009. (Knock on wood.)  But I still take my inhaler and tissues on my walks. My nose will stuff up from the pollens, so I will have to restart Nasonex (which can give me nosebleeds when used regularly, so I take seasonal breaks.) I do take my Advair daily, Serevent, Zyrtec (actually, started using the Kirkland generic, ALLER-TEC, and it works great for a fraction of the price, recommended), nasal  saline rinses..daily..part of maintenance. My immune system is messed these are necessitities. But I function. Amen. Thank you, God, for science.

And so, here I am walking last night (with tissues in hand). Hubby is carrying my inhaler in his pocket, otherwise that would be in my hand, too:

Night-Walking with my faboo ASICS and DanskinNow top and Danskin Plus Capris

Last topic: If someone you know/like/love asked you for advice on how to get onto the losing weight bandwagon, and they said keep it simple, 3 tips they might use right away...what tips would you give? What gifts would you consider giving them to help?

I may post tomorrow on the tips I'd give (or Monday, not sure), but I'd like to hear what you would offer as the 3 simplest, most effective or helpful tips or gift for an obese loved one or colleague....advice or a gift basket or some creative way to get them going that incorporates the tips/strategies. How would you do it?

Okay, enjoy your Friday, a lot! (I wanna see SUCKER PUNCH, myself!)

Fight the good fat fight while having that fun!


Karen Butler Ogle said...

My first tip would be to tell them to log their food for at least 6 months. The second would be to MEASURE their food for the first 6 months to get used to what normal portions are. The third tip would be to exercise doing SOMETHING for 30 minutes a day, even if it is just walking in place. As far as gifts, maybe a low carb recipe book, some resistance bands and some hand weights. That would be my care package for someone just starting out.

Enjoy your night, Princess. :)

Suzan said...

Glad you are back in the game again. Maybe the aches were from mineral depletion/mild dehydration from too much sodium?

My big three tips.

1. Cut out wheat and sugar immediately
2. Use or another tracking tool to record what you eat.
3. Cook all meals yourself - no processed/prepackaged foods, unless you know the source and the nutrition.

My gift basket would include: The Primal Blueprint Book and PB Quick and Easy Cookbook, the "Fat Head" dvd, The "Food Inc." dvd, Julia Child's "The Way To Cook" dvds, a gift certificate for US Wellness Meats, a jar of Pure Indian Foods Ghee, a jar of Nutiva organic coconut oil, and a couple of bars of very good and very dark chocolate. :-)

LeFebvre Momma said...

I would give the exact same advice as Karen. Write down (and measure) EVERY SINGLE thing that goes into your mouth. 1 bite...write it down, 2 chips...write it down, I think we are able to easily lie to ourselves about what is actually going into our mouths.

Mike said...

1. Track calories with a goal set on a daily calorie deficit.
2. Get support! Through a blog, weight watchers... something.
3. Meet a psychologist at least once. If you are obese morbidly obese, you have an unhealthy relationship with food and they may be able to help you realize something about yourself you didn't know.

Starting At 500 Pounds

Julie said...

I love all the tips above. But my gift would be a pedometer. Simple, walk no less then 10,000 steps a day, eat right and track it all.
You are doing awesome, keep it up. This was no my week between my neck, working 14 hours a day and getting only one work out in this week. Next week it's back to normal so hopefully everything heals and I feel like myself again. UGH!!! I hate pain.
take care and have a blessed weekend.

Laura (wonderwife!) said...

1. Measure
2. Track
3. Support

Gift basket: measuring cups/spoons, food scale, food journal, and subscription to some type of healthy living magazine :)

Have a great weekend!

Candy kankles said...

Yay for dancing in the morning makes the day happier!
1.Wear proper shoes when working out
2.push yourself to try harder everytime
3.never give up it does get easier with time!

Debbie said...

1. Only make changes you can live with forever.
2. Drink more water, a lot of water
3. Walking is a cheap & easy exercise for beginners. Start slow, even 30 minutes 5 days a week will make a difference.
Gift basket: water bottle, recipe cards for recipes that I use regularly.

Food Freak said...

What a wonderful idea! I've never given diet advice until this time, and only when asked by two people. I would never give advice about eat this, not that, etc., because I find that beliefs about foods are akin to religious beliefs. They're not based on scientifically controlled research, but popular non-fiction--I'm all about science.

1. If the person had an ED (obese), I'd do what Mike said and advice a session with an obesity psych specialist to determine emotional problems surrounding food.
2. Like Karen, I'd advise tracking food in a journal--even bites here and there, as Lefebvre wrote.
3. I'd tell them to measure, measure, measure portions. It's too easy to miscalculate portions, especially in the first two or three months.

I'd buy the best scale on earth: The OXO digital scale. It's quite expensive (around $50), but this is a friend we're talking about, and I have a credit card, lol.

I'd give them the URL of Blogsport and point out the ring of obesity blogs, and bribe them with something to start their own blog, very open and honest, or honest but less self-revelatory. Just as long as s/he blogged and gave support to others, and got support from others.

Finally, I'd give them my cell phone number--which only my husband has, god's truth--and tell them to call me if they need to get over a hump; are in a binge; or just need to talk. I'll be there for them.

This has been a wonderful exercise because now I have some real ideas of what to do in case this arises. Thanks, PD.

Anonymous said...

Here's my 3 cents: 1-get a really good food scale and weigh EVERYthing. teach yourself to be aware of portions! 2-get an Ipod and FILL it with everything that makes you wanna MOVE (itunes gift card) 3-get REALLY good socks like thorlos so your feet feel great while you move/walk/run/whatever! :D

Princess Dieter said...

Holy cow, that's some good advice. Even some stuff I didn't think of. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAHNKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!