Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 40 of P5: MILESTONE: No longer "severely obese", just "obese" now. Time to sparkle and dance! And FLY!

Tanita-san: 216.0

Got on three times. Three times, same number. Yes!

Okay, another milestone in getting out of obesity. I started morbidly obese, the category of obesity I stood in when I began this blog. I got down to severely obese at 246. Now, I'm just obese at 216. Next milestone: 186, no longer obese.

I put on some Buck Tick (MEMENTO MORI cd) and put "Galaxy" on repeat:

In your heart, the heart marks dance
Your dripping wings quiver, your life sparkles
Come on, wake up
Come on, fly away
I felt like I "woke up" some last summer, and woke up more last fall. It's been a process of learning to fly. It feels good. Hard, but feels good. Life is starting to really sparkle cause I have the hope of this year, THIS YEAR, getting out of the obese category for the first time in two decades.

Well, I was gonna write one of my usual all over the place long posts, but I'm gonna get up and sing along and dance with Sakurai-San. Here, you can burn off some calories dancing, too!

I draw a peace sign over your heart
The sun shines through your wings
Life overflowing, blindingly bright
Come on, wake up
Come on, fly away
Come on, so gentle
Come on…


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Congrats on the new milestone, Princess. Reward yourself with something new! All hard work deserves a reward.

Candy kankles said...

Thats wonderful! Congrats!!

Angela Pea said...

Happy Dance Time!

I remember when I went from "obese" to "just plain overweight" I was grinning like a fool for a week!

Natalia said...

Congratulations!! That's awesome!!! :)

Suzan said...

Congrats, so happy for you! xoxo

Princess Dieter said...

Thanks, Ladies! I'm a grinning fool! I appreciate having fellow celebrants! Happy Weekend!!!

FatAngryBlog said...

Congratulations!!!! You are doing awesome!!!

LeFebvre Momma said...

first - they all end with 6s, did you notice that?

Anyway, congratulations. You should spoil yourself with a new workout top or something!! Way to go - keep it up

OK - I had to edit this and add that my security word was interim..just think this is YOUR interim because soon you will be crossing over to overweight!

Jo said...

Congrats! Another milestone, just another step to good health!

MissMommie said...

Wonderful!! You are doing an awesome job!! Congrats!!

Kelly said...

You.are.awesome! I'm so proud of you. A big hug and congrats.

Skinny Jeans Gal said...

Mike from Starting at 500 pounds sent me your way. Congratulations, so inspiring. ~Karlie

Pretty Pauline said...

I love your blog, your attitude, and would welcome any tough-love comments you think I might need to motivate any time!!!! ~Just sayin'.~

Anne H said...

Awesome!!! Love it - congrats - You really are a Princess!