Sunday, July 1, 2012

Checking In, Weigh-In, A CBS "toxic Sugar" video link, and a prayer request. :)

Man, amazing how time flies. It's been nearly two weeks since I checked in.

Okay, so weigh-in: 177.6 

That's a little over 3 lbs less than last Sunday, and that's back near to my lowest weight on this journey. That's good.

Here's the bad: the reason.  I've eaten a lot less (roughly 1000 cals) in the last 4 days. I've been on high anxiety and stressing. Hubby got laid off. So, yeah,  stress is high.

Normally, I'd dive into food for comfort. But, as anyone whose family income got shut down, you start economizing right off, and that means no eating out, take-out (or as minimal as possible). I'm using up what's in the house and drinking my whey protein when I don't feel like cooking. I spent two sleepless nights, and finally crashed and rested last night.

So, for the praying bloggers, I'd welcome prayers for , well, good employment for us, and fast. I don't want to drain savings. Thanks.

In clsoing, I wanted to pass along this link for a CBS 60 Minutes segment by Sanjay Gupta on sugar. If you misssed it back when they aired it, watch it. Worth seeing.

I'm convinced we need an anti-sugar-eating campaign like the no-smoking and no-drugs one. It won't eliminate it, and I wouldn't expect a total elimination. But if we can get people aware to LESSEN consumption and to demand hidden sugars be eliminated (bread doesn't NEED sugar, right) by not buying stuff with unnecessary included sugars, we'd all be better off. I mean, if we save sugar for rarer treats--a celebratory tarte or special hand-made truffle now and then--no one dies from that. But daily sugar ingestion in the sort of quantities and with hyperpalatable foods we have in modern life--the combo that really sets us up for overeating-- that is just deadly.

I began minimizing sugar intake when I first saw BITTER TRUTH (the video with Dr. Lustig that went viral a couple years back). I spent months and months when I didn't touch a thing with sugar. I got lax, allowed some real sugar treats in a few times a week along with my non-sugary ones. It was good to refresh myself with that video, to remind me to be vigilant. :)

Ditch the sugar, friends.

And be well...


Betty WSch. said...

Awe, I'm so sorry about your hubby losing his job! That for sure is stressful. I will be praying he finds something else soon.

Nanette said...

ugh... job/money stress is THE WORST! I hope he finds something soon. I'll be thinking of you guys.

Also... sugar... terrible stuff. terribly delicious but mostly poison.

Suzan said...

Praying for you and hubby

Jo said...

Of course, prayers for you both!

Deb Willbefree said...

Re: Prayer request.

May the Lord bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you and give you peace. May His provision and wisdom come quickly and may you feel His love as it surrounds you, encircling you as His arms holds His lambs close to His chest.

Will continue to pray.


Karen said...

Prayers to you for this time. It will pass, although it is difficult. Hopefully short.

I think sugary snacks should come with a warning label " may cause obesity and/or diabetes. Consume at your own risk". But that's just me.

Take care and safe travels. Karen P

Debsdailylife said...

And thank you for the linK!!!

Jordan said...

Oh man!! You both are in my thoughts. Prayers for a speedy new job - and a better one at that!

Val Jaffe said...

Glad to see a new posting from ya!

I got good reports from last week's doctor's visit - need to blog about that & QUIT the stress-induced compulsive eating ;-)

Best wishes to hubby for an uncomplicated job hunt...