Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ready for Summer Challenge: Finale-- not ready for summer, actually, but hey, I made some progress.

I started this challenge with these stats:

Weight: 182.4
Waist: 35 in.

I ended it with these:

Weight: 179.0
Waist: 34.75

I had wanted to lose a total of FIVE pounds and get to 177.4. I did get to 177.4, but then I ate salty crap right back up to 179.

So, I only officially lost 3.4 lbs. I am happy just to see a lower number than at the start. Wish I could have held on to my goal of 177.4--cause I did make it!--but it's really hard to focus when I'm in this depressive mood.

Been eating lots of salty stuff due to cravings. Olives, pickles, cheese, some ham, some turkey pastrami, some bacon with my eggs.

I'm still frustratingly demotivated. I'm barely moving. I'm not tracking.

But I'm not totally out of it. That's the best I can say. I still have some good habits--fluids, lots of fruits and veggies, trying to get adequate rest, thinking about what to do to reignite. My mind is still partially in it, and thanks to this challenge, I haven't tossed all good habits or desires about my weight into the wind.

I think holding on is valuable, so I won't discount it. In past lesser depressions, I'd easily gain 5, 10, 15+ pounds from stuffing pizza and lasagna and burritos and mac-n-cheese and french fries into my gut to get a food high. I have wanted more starches, but I've had fresh organic corn and steamed rice and baked organic sweet potatoes and gluten-free rice crackers, not Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

I want to thank Maren for hosting this challenge. You're a lovely person. God bless you and all my fellow challengers. I hope we keep at it, because perseverance pays off.

Be well...


Munchberry said...

Even if times had not been so turbulent for you, your results are nothing to sneeze at.

Good work and awesome job holding it together and moving forward even when you may not have felt the mad desire to!

PlumPetals said...

Glad the challenge helped you stay on track. I think it's a sign of big progress when you're able to satisfy cravings with healthy food vs junk!

Jo said...

You did indeed make progress! It seems I just live from challenge to challenge and can't do it on my own anymore. Well everything is a cycle and maybe my weight loss mojo will come around again, but until then I will get smarter about all this nutrition and health stuff.

You are doing great in not eating the pizza and such. A few olives and deli meats at least have some protein and good fats. So we count the good and not the bad? Or maybe we just look for the positive?

I wish you felt up to hosting another challenge. Yours are, well, more challenging. But I know you are not right now. Do what you must for your health and sanity, Mir. Just keep some focus on not losing ground that you have worked so hard to gain. I know you will emerge a winner and will have learned even from a down period. Hugs, blessings, and prayers to you. And you know I am sincere.