Friday, June 8, 2012

Heat Intolerance sucks

I went walking for the first time in 3 weeks yesterday with hubby. We waited until evening so it was a bit cooler. We've had hot, humid weather. Lots of thunderstorms (what kept me inside at first, then the mood issues demotivated me.)

I could barely tolerate it. Made it through 20 minutes only by focusing.  I felt so hot and weak, like I was gonna pass out. My legs were shaky. I was panting. I felt woozy.

 I'll note that I did my Pilates session with my trainer and got through it fine. Indoors. With a/c.  But the heat/humidity outside got to me. 8pm and it was overcast, humid, and in the 80s.

I walked fine all last summer, even in humid weather, and that was when I was a bit hypothyroid, so I was feeling "chilly", as hypothyroid folks will tend to when they are a bit out of range. I was comfy for the most part last summer, and enjoyed having a time outside.

I guess when I see the endo in July (regularly scheduled appt), I'll find out if she needs to tweak me. I want to be able to walk again, but it's a fine line where I am euthyroid, and it's hard to STAY there.

Heat intolerance is tough. I start hyperventilating, feeling weak, feeling like I'm gonna burn up and pass out. Hate it. Wish I had a normal thyroid and didn't have to keep adjusting meds with weight changes or after active thyroiditis incidents. Well, you do what you can and keep the faith that medical science progress improves the situation.

I miss walking now. Wish someone could follow me around blasting icy air. :D

Be well...


PlumPetals said...

Living in a desert country where temperatures reach 120-140 degrees is torture, so I can relate to the heat intolerance! Stay hydrated! :)

Bluezy said...

When I lived in the desert, (Yuma on the edge and one of the most hot spots in the US during the summer)I rode my bike to work. I would get my clothes wet then stick them in the freezer. I would put then on and get on my bike. I was fortunate the dress code was casual..It took no more than 3 blocks for my clothes to be completely dry.

In the way hot heat, unless there is water near by...I have a hard time. The heat here is not humid so I tolerate it. I love dipping in the kids 3ft deep pool and then wearing the cool clothing until it dries. Do it again.

Julie said...

Keep trying Mir. It's hard and with a wacky thryoid we both know it's hard. But you can do this Mir. You can get to where you want to be. I haven't decided where that is for me yet except not squishy all over. That I'm working on, the weight will go away or it won't. Just toned and healthy, that's good enough for this upnorth country gal. 90* plus for us this weekend. We do so much better at zero however, shhhh, I walked around in my country back yard, not a soul around or near or anything, for 15 minutes naked as a jbird. Feed my body all the sunshine vitamins it needed for the day.
Take care Mir, I miss hearing from you. Keep plugging along. Blessings!!!

Val said...

I can relate - these past few summers I seem to be having an increasingly difficult time adjusting to the heat, no matter HOW much water I drink! (my last ride 5/05, heat index was 117 - I drank 8 20-oz water bottles over the course of the day, & didn't produce any urine until almost 10 PM :-(